How is the quality of Honeywell's pipeline products?

Answer: Utilizing Honeywell's proprietary technology in specialty materials, our PP-R pipes overcome common issues such as light transmission leading to bacterial growth. Made with eco-friendly Nordic chemical (Borealis) raw materials, our pipes feature low fluid resistance, are less prone to scaling, and prevent secondary water pollution. They are also highly resistant to high temperatures and pressure, withstanding temperatures up to 110℃. Our fittings are made from high-quality HPb59 brass, with lead content lower than national standards – ensuring better health safety and environmental friendliness due to the absence of electroplating.

What kind of support does Honeywell Pipes offer to customers?

Answer: We offer a range of supports including advertising and communication, brand image, training, marketing, materials, channel development, quality after-sales service, and policy and market support.

What is the regional agency model for Honeywell Pipes?

Answer: Exclusive authorization.

What market control measures does Honeywell Pipes use?

Answer: We use a unique product code system for traceability and tracking services.

What consumer service guarantees does Honeywell Pipes offer?

Answer: The 'Huo Housekeeper' service system; individual records for each household, preserved permanently.

What is the return on investment for Honeywell Pipes?

Answer: As a Fortune Global 500 company, we have a strong brand with superior pricing power and vitality.